MY BOYS DID GREAT THIS SEASON! We had a 3rd string rookie QB lead us into the the playoffs…past the first round…we had a 2nd year WALK ON practice squad running back turn into the leagues best running back, we lost two qb’s our defensive leader, and our best WR thru most of the season….we lost today, but we gained so much more, RESPECT…a year ago nobody would have even considered HOU a threat…my football season is over….but i cant tell you one thing, I’M SOOOOO EXCITED FOR NEXT SEASON, we’re only gonna get better, stronger, faster, more confident, and trust me confidence goes a loooooooong way….Im so proud of the texans, they beat some veterans, and shocked the world…..

I love my city, I love my texans, and I love this gamealso if you’re STILL talking shit about yates, go kill yourself, cus you would have shit yourself if you even saw the field….He’s a rookie QB…5th round 3rd string So stfuIts not a sad day in houston son!!NEXT SEASON IS OURS!!